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Body Contouring

Whether you want to drop a dress size, get your body after baby back, or feel great in your jeans every day, nonsurgical Body Contouring can be a terrific option. Endermologie LPG is a medical device that melts fat, target cellulite and tighten skin without pain, surgery or downtime.
So whether you want to firm the curve of your hips, smooth & tighten thighs, define your waistline, contour & tighten the abdomen for a flatter tummy, or shape and lift the buttocks, Body Contouring treatments may be right for you

Who is suitable for Endermologie?

ENDERMOLOGIE® temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements of cellulite treated areas. Can permanently eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. It is designed to reshape your body and keep your skin firm and increase lymphatic flow to help detox your body.
Patients come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their fat. The treatment is safe and effective for all body types. And there are no reported short or long-term health effects.

How does Endermologie work?

Endermologie works by shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving overall skin fitness. Endermologie is a device which uses a small hand-held treatment head with bio light and vacuum rollers. The suction breaks down fibrosis around problem fat cells stimulating efficient metabolism.

Fluid retention and toxin build up is effectively eliminated through lymphatic drainage. Collagen and elasticity production is boosted by Endermologie generating a healthier rejuvenated skin tone. This will help contour your body, improve your general wellbeing and decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring

Approximately 60% of women say that they were unprepared for the changes in their body after having a baby. The truth is that the body changes in many ways during pregnancy with the body naturally holding onto fat more readily that normal in preparation for birth and lactation.
When the body stores more fat, it also tends to store water which can give way to fluid retention, bloating and general discomfort.

The appearance of cellulite can be exacerbated by pregnancy which causes dimpled, lumpy thighs and buttocks. Our Beauty Lipo treatments are particularly effective in body reshaping post-partum as it can help women who are struggling to get rid of cellulite.


Some patients experience immediate tightening right after the first. However multiple sessions of Endermologie are necessary for the best outcome. The length and frequency of treatment varies greatly depending on a number of factors, including your age, lifestyle, body shape, medical conditions, cellulite grade, cellulite type and more. It will also depend on the goals you have set in a consultation with your clinician
If you had a vaginal delivery, you can begin treatment as soon as you finish breastfeeding. If you gave birth by Csection, you’ll need to wait 12 months before beginning your treatment plan
Not even a little bit. Treatment for the Body Contouring at Beauty Lipo takes place using non-invasive, FDAapproved medical devices which target and melt away fat cells using fat loss technology. There’s no surgery, no scarring and absolutely no recovery time

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