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Inch Loss Body Wraps

Is a classic wrap mix recipe with pure drawing bentonite, green clay detoxifying seaweeds, dead sea salt, organic herbs and our unique fat blasting enzyme to draw out impurities.
Products will penetrate deeply with skin brushing and supercharged with FAR Infrared heat to encourage maximum results. Detoxing, calorie burning, skin tightening and inch loss. You will ever get while laying comfortably and burn up to 950 calories per wrap; Combining with Infrared rays penetrate the skin and provide a warmth that goes to the core of the body, which makes the body begin to sweat. The purpose of sweating is to help rid the body of toxins and assist in the use of fat that has been stored.
FAR Infrared heat accelerates skin tightening, toning and lasting inch loss by detoxifying the body 7 times more than a traditional heat application.

Body Wrap Benefits


Body Wraps can moisturize, detox, slim and tone your body!
It won’t miraculously make you lose weight but the benefits for your skin and the shape of your body are simply incredible!
You can lose between 10-20 CM’s with your first Inch Loss Body Wrap.
It will also purge your skin of toxins and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Pressotherapy – Lymphatic Drainage

Pressotherapy is a body suit with pipes of compressed air, it is the pressure of the compressed air which is pumped around your body causing the body suit to inflate and deflate at intervals.

During this detoxing lymph drainage massage treatment you  can  wear loose fitting clothing before you are comfortably placed in the suit which is strapped around your legs, abdomen and lower back.

This stimulates circulation and massages the lymph nodes to accelerate the removal of toxins and waste substances through our natural excretory processes.
As the compressed air is circulating around your body the treatment feels as if you’re having a deep tissue massage and so feels very relaxing.


The treatment is particularly effective following our slimming and cellulite eliminating treatments of HiIFU, Cavitation, VelaSlim or LPG. Even if you are feeling tired, drained or sluggish this lymph drainage massage treatment goes some way to awaken you.
The mineral body wrap process is still working in your body for at least 24 hours after your body wrap and provides your body the ability to continue inch loss and tissue reduction. For continued results, we suggest the following:
  • For continued inch loss, wear contouring clothes like a firm body shaper.
  • Since our process is removing toxins from your body, we encourage you to assist this process by avoiding toxic foods such as salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and carbonated beverages for several days following the wrap.
  • An internal cleanse, will complete the detox process by flushing out the toxins.
We also recommend no hot showers for at least 8 (longer is better) hours and if using any lotions after your shower, to be sure to rub lotion in vigorously in your areas of concern. This will help circulation in those areas.
Pressotherapy and Body Wrap boosts blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It runs throughout your body, circulating and protecting you from bacteria, viruses and fungi. This system removes excess fluids from the body. More importantly, Body Wraps and Pressotherapy aids in transporting fat cells from cellulite into general circulation for oxidation (bburning)) in the muscles and organs. This means you will be essentially detoxing your body of cellulite

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