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The basic idea behind Fractional Radiofrequency is to stimulate the production of new collagen. Using the skin’s ability to heal itself, puncturing the dermis with heat triggers the production of new collagen.
Fractional RF is used to improve skin tone and texture; treating the appearance of ageing; scarring; stretch marks and pigmentation marks from acne and sun damage


Because it does not target the melanin nor irritate the outer skin layers, Fractional radio frequency (RF) treatment is considered a safe skin tightening procedure for all skin complexions. What this technique uses is the energy from the radio frequency to stimulate the generation of fibrous proteins, known as collagen. Collagen is essential in helping the skin maintain its firmness, flexibility, and strength.
At Beauty Lipo Skin Clinic our standard full Fractional RF treatment includes: Face, neck and upper chest it takes 40minutes. And if you opt for a face-only treatment, you can be in and out of our clinic in as little as 30 minutes.
You will begin to see results after only one treatment. It is usually good to start treatment at around 30 years of age because this will help you to get better results by spending less money. All these non-surgical treatments require good home care and maintenance and any efforts will be much more effective if you start them early.

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