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HIFU Star uses Focused ultrasound technology to deliver focused ultrasound to target and disrupt only adipose tissue, leaving other critical surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels , and connective tissue intact. To quickly assist the body or treated area to rid itself of the damaged fat cells. In order to eliminate   the excess liquefied fat at an accelerated rate and achieve optimum results, the client must take part in regular cardiovascular type exercise or have lymphatic drainage immediately after each treatment.


  The real non-invasive alternative to any surgical liposuction

✔  Designed to trim down stubborn fat bulges

✔  Visible Results from the first treatment

✔  No surgery, needles or downtime

✔   Removes fat cells

✔  No risk of scarring or infection


Where do the fat cells go?

The   Ultrasound intensity produced  with HIFU is effective on the lysis of a considerable amount of fat tissue localised in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and hips. It is scientifically proven, that after a cavitation session, excess liquid and lymphatic stagnation are immediately drained and expelled by means of the urinary system just ten minutes after treatment, and there is a significant increase in diuresis in the hours following treatment which continues to the next day.

How many treatments will I need?

Results are visible from  the first treatment showing significant reduction in centimetres. Following treatment , patient can  resume their daily activities immediately. Multiple treatments are recommended for  incremental fat thickness and circumference reduction and overall enhanced results.

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  • Hifu Star tipically produces measurable fat layer and circumference reduction results. Your patients can quickly see and feel difference.
  • HIFU Star delivers impressive patient outcomes and enhances the user experience. It delivers a superior return on investment compared with other non-surgical fat reduction procedures, as it covers a larger area in less time. Opening opportunities for new revenues.
  • Patients can quickly  see  and feel the difference.
  • We currently distribute our world class products to hundreds of salons throughout Australia. We have grown from humble beginnings and are now one​

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 A safe and quick “walk in-walk-out” based procedure

Replaces traditional surgical intervention for  Body Contouring

Can be performed after liposuction for smooth, soft, contouring effects

Easy  to perform with short learning course

High resolution touch screen with intuitive interface

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