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The  Ice Lipo or Fat freezing  treatment is a proven cooling solution for non-invasive  reduction of fat cells using the integrated technologies of Cryo, Vacuum and LED to break down the fat layers.

The MINOBA fat freezing system  is specially designed to protect the skin’s surface from frostbite,  as the cooling energy only crystallises the fat cell membranes, due to the fat cell contents expanding when frozen, but without damage other tissues.


✔  Lasting Results

✔  Less than one hour per treatment

✔   No pain or downtime

✔  Visible centimetre reduction of your chosen area

✔  Ideal for treating fat  cells

✔  No side-effects

✔   Absolutely pain free



Why choose Ice Lipo session?

We use state of the art technology which is crucial to the success of the cryolipo process.

With two different sized Ice Lipo heads available to suit different body shapes, areas and sizes our technology offers specifically calibrated heating and cooling which reduces treatment times and for certain body areas we are able to treat two areas at the same time, although this is no always possible. Our Ice Lipo machine also includes phototherapy (light therapy) to enhance collagen production in the frozen area during your cryolipo session. We also utilise clinically proven aftercare products to help with the process to break down fat cells

What happens when cold is applied to localized fat?

Fat cells or adipocytes contain high levels of saturated fatty acids, which make them particularly  vulnerable to the cold. This characteristics means that, when low temperatures are applied the adipocytes   break  down  naturally without damaging the surrounding tissues. Once the adipocytes have been frozen they dissolve and are eliminated by the body within one to there weeks, thus reducing the volume of the treated area.

How long until I see results of   Ice Lipo?

This depends on a number of variables such as the fat thickness in the area treated. Although 12 weeks is the estimated time to see the maximum result we have had clients report good results after 2-4 weeks. Studies and clinical trials up to 180 minutes. Have shown that  9 out of 10 people saw a reduction in the treated area when comparing measurements 12 weeks after they underwent the Cryolipolysis process.

What will Ice  Lipo feel like?

Ice Lipo  is largely pain free and comfortable, although some do report light bruising in the days after treatment.

A freeze membrane is put in place to protect the skin. The hand piece being applied then sucks the area up, some people report pulling on the skin but it is not painful.

Once they are over the initial sensation we often have clients become so relaxed that they doze off during the treatment process.

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  • Ice Lipo is ideal to correct disproportionate fat deposits that are genetically acquired and cannot be corrected with diet and exercise alone.
  • Ice Lipo is clinically proven to enhance skin tightening in treated areas.
  • The most common areas to be treated with Ice  Lipo are the abdomen (upper and lower), flanks (including muffin tops) and thighs (inner and outer), although almost any area on the body may be treated.
  • Suitable  for both men and women of many ages.
  • Ice Lipo  have made it possible for your patients  to  have two areas treated at one time.

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Ice Lipo Features

Satisfactory results

No needed for changing wavelengths

Non consumables

Fast treatment

Powerful unit in total power output

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