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This treatment is designed to support skin regeneration quickly. LED light across the skin creating multiples surface channels that stimulate collagen and elastin fibroblasts.

The emission of visible LED light at determinate wavelengths and sufficient light output results in a sequence of cell-stimulating biological reactions, favouring elastin and collagen synthesis.

A phototherapy effect is achieved, which acts on cell metabolism to active skin-repairing enzymes, vasodilator effects and collagen production.


 ✔ Can be treated on face, neck, decollate and hands

✔  Thermal energy tightens skin

✔  Reduces effects of sun damage

✔  Reduces the appearance of freckles, age spots and brown spots

✔  Reduces Redness, rosacea and capillaries


How does it work?
The energy delivered by the amber, red, and infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) enhances cellular metabolism.  This in turn stimulates the body to build new collagen, increases circulation, and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system.  The result is younger, healthier looking skin.

Is there proof that this technology works?
Clinical studies, scientific and medical research, independent testing and patient testimonials exist to prove the efficacy of Light-Therapy.  Research conducted by NASA’s space program has proven that near-infrared LED light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth.

Are there any adverse effects from this treatment?
No.  This treatment has no adverse reactions and no down-time.   LED-emitting devices are classified by the FDA as possessing “non-significant risk” due to the fact that they are completely safe and possess no possibility of harm from over-exposure.

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  • The  Maxi LED Face  allows you to work with the different colours without having to change panels. The three LED panels are fully adjustable, ensuring maximum comfort for both client and clinician.
  • Higher energy delivered in each treatment means shorter treatment times and fewer treatment sessions, resulting in greater efficacy compared to other less powerful systems.
  • Built to exacting medical grade specifications.


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Maxi LED Face  Features

Satisfactory results

No needed for changing wavelengths

Non consumables

Fast treatment

Powerful unit in total power output

Wavelenghts from 400 to 940nm

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