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Body contouring isn’t a single, stand-alone treatment. It is, instead, a series of treatments that employ different non-invasive protocols to eliminate fat and cellulite while toning, reducing inches, and achieving greater muscle definition. This workshop will touch on a wide variety of contouring techniques. However, the focus will be on today’s most popular therapy VelaSlim. That combines natural, biological medicine with the latest technology. Students will learn how and when to use these protocols for everything from spot fat reduction and more extensive lipo-sculpting, to total re-contouring, and even obesity treatment.



  • Fat Reduction techniques
  • Introduction to the Salon/Spa Body Contouring Business
  • Body Contouring through the Ages
  • Health and safety
  • Hygiene Sterilisation method.
  • Body Types Explain Adipose Tissue
  • Cellulite Grading, Formation and Ways to Improve its Appearance
  • Explain Electrotherapy
  • Types of Frequency
  • The Vacuum massage
  • The Benefits for the Client
  • Areas suitable for Treatment and Areas Excluded What to expect from
  • The Treatment Client’s Realistic Expectations
  • Recommendations before Treatment
  • List of Necessary Items to be prepared before Treatment
  • Client aftercare advice and homecare.
  • Guide to Retail & Pricing of treatments
  • Full demonstrations of contouring techniques
  • Hands-on Clinical Workshop

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